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2022 Faculty Election

Natasha Parikh

Running for: Educational Policy Committee
  • Teaching Assistant Professor
  • Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Appointed: 2021
  • Ph.D., Duke University, 2019
UNC Service

I serve as an advisor to the Psychology Club, partake in numerous Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Service committees for the Psychology & Neuroscience department, and serve as a liaison between admissions and our department. I look forward to becoming more involved in college and university service, and hope that this position offers me the chance to do so.

Candidate Statement

I am honored to be nominated for the Educational Policy Committee. As a teaching faculty member, I am heavily involved in academics at UNC and see a large number of students every year. Through them, I receive regular input on the trials of education – the difficulties of registration, the call for flexibility as they navigate being a student during a pandemic, among others – and I am also privy to the challenges of providing pedagogically sound courses and what that asks of our faculty. I hope that in this position, I can be a bridge between student voices and faculty. I will apply my knowledge and involvement in the scholarship of teaching and learning to this role and approach each decision with warmth but firmness, just as I do in the classroom. Thank you for your consideration.

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