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2022 Faculty Election

David Navalinsky

Running for: Faculty Athletics Committee
  • Associate Professor
  • Dramatic Art
  • Appointed: 2011
  • MFA Theatre, University of Arizona, 2000
UNC Service

- Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Admissions, 2021 - 2024
- Committee on Special Talent 2021 - 2024
- Ideas in Action Course Review Committee, Creative Expressions, Practice, and Production
· Honor System
o Faculty Hearings Board 2015 --
o Faculty Liaison to the Department 2014 --
· Member, “Process Series” advisory committee. 2014--

Candidate Statement

In the Department of Dramatic Art I serve as the director of undergraduate production, working closely with students on the Departmental plays. Theatre is similar to athletics in that students participate in rehearsals, learning lines and preparing for opening night. Arriving at Carolina in 2011 and teaching a significant number of student-athletes for the first time in my career I was intrigued by these similarities and by the status that athletes held on our campus. This lead me to find a way to better understand them and help tell their stories no matter the popularity of their specific sport. I decided to create a documentary theatre piece "Priceless Gem: an Athlete Story" that is based on interviews with students discussing life as a student-athlete and how that experience affect their life on campus in and out of the classroom.

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