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2022 Faculty Election

Andy Hessick

Running for: Faculty Assembly Delegation
  • Professor and Associate Dean of Strategy and Planning
  • Law
  • Appointed: 2016
  • JD, Yale, 2002
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

I have served on faculty council, am a member of the Committee on University Governance, and have been associate dean at the law school for four years.

Candidate Statement

I have had various role relating to the faculty governance of UNC Chapel Hill, including serving on faculty council and as an associate dean at UNC law school. I also previously served as associate dean at another law school. It has become apparent to me while serving in those roles at UNC both that, although Chapel Hill is unique in various ways, many of the issues it confronts are also faced by other schools in the system, and that Chapel Hill must work with the broader UNC system to continue flourishing and improving.

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