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2020 Faculty Election

Suzanne Gulledge

Running for: Advisory Committee
  • Clinical Professor
  • School of Education
  • Appointed: 1990
  • PhD, Duke University, 1989
UNC Service

I currently serve as Chair of the Advisory Committee and member of the Committee on University Government.
I have served previously as: a member and Chair of the UNC Faculty Assembly Delegation and Committee on Fixed Term Faculty;
a member of the Faculty Executive Committee for two terms; a member of Faculty Council for three terms;
Chair of the Faculty in the School of Education; member and chair of the Faculty Executive Committee in the School of Education.
I am currently the Director of the Academic Leadership Program in the Institute for Arts and Humanities.
I serve on boards of the Center for Faculty Excellence, Carolina Performing Arts, and Parr Center for Ethics.

Candidate Statement

I accepted the nomination to run for the Advisory Committee in order to continue and extend my voice on the committee as an experienced participant in UNC Faculty Governance. I am committed to a belief in the imperative for faculty to assume responsibility for leadership in the university. I have actively engaged in a wide variety of service roles in my unit, at UNC-Chapel Hill and at the University System level.Through those experiences I have learned a great deal from other leaders and constituents and benefited in ways that energize my commitment and inspire my resolve to continue to serve. Advisory Committee is a forum to which I can bring the scope and substance of my leadership experience and insight as liaison between the chancellor, faculty chair and members of the faculty who are my colleagues and whose voices I amplify.

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