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2022 Faculty Election

Jennifer Gates-Foster

Running for: Division 2. Humanities: Faculty Council, Tenured
  • Associate Professor
  • Classics
  • Appointed: 2013
  • Ph.D., University of Michigan Ann Arbor, 2005
UNC Service

I have served on the following University committees in addition to extensive service to my home department of Classics and the Curriculum in Archaeology: Faculty Council, 2019-2022; Faculty Welfare Committee, 2021-24; University Teaching Awards Committee, 2017-20; Arts and Humanities Research Grant Committee, 2019.

Candidate Statement

I have been a faculty member at UNC since 2013 in the Department of Classics and the Curriculum in Archaeology. As a faculty member, I have served my department as the Director of Archaeology, as well as a member of Admissions and Diversity committees, among others. Outside of the department, I was a member of the University Teaching Awards committee from 2017-2020 and of Faculty Council 2019-2022 (Humanities, Nontenured). During my time on FC, I have seen the role and agency of faculty diminished yet further by changing governance structures in our state and on campus. FC serves a vital role as voice and venue for the protection of faculty interests and advocacy in the face of these systemic changes. I hope to continue to advocate for Arts & Humanities faculty and departments by serving in this role.

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