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2022 Faculty Election

Thurston Domina

Running for: Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee, Professional Schools (Other Than Medicine)
  • Robert Wendell Eaves Sr. Distinguished Professor in Educational Leadership
  • School of Education
  • Appointed: 2015
  • PhD, Graduate School and University Center, City University of New York, 2006
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

Within the School of Education, I have served as chair in the Educational Policy and Organizational Leadership area, chair of the faculty executive council in the School of Education, and chair of the faculty committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure. At the campus level, I serve as a member for the faculty board for the Royster Society of Fellows and a regular awards and fellowships reviewer for the Graduate School. I am also an enthusiastic mentor for undergraduates involved in the Carolina Covenant and undergraduate research.

Candidate Statement

Throughout my career as a sociologist of education, I have sought opportunities to work with scholars and practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds to better understand the sources of educational inequalities and search for educational strategies that help create a more just society. This work continually deepens my appreciation for interdisciplinary inquiry and the transformative power of exchange among diverse perspectives.

I want to help cultivate professional, theoretical, methodological, and experiential diversity at UNC and more broadly, because I believe that open and inclusive inquiry is key to addressing the challenges of our times. If elected to the Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure, I will work hard to understand, appreciate, and advocate for generative scholarship in pursuit of the public good.

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