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2021 Faculty Election

Nicholas DiEugenio

Running for: Administrative Board of the Library: Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Associate Professor
  • Music, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Appointed: 2014
  • DMA, Yale University, 2014
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

I currently serve as the Diversity Liaison for the Department of Music as part of the College of Arts and Sciences Diversity Liaison program. In this role, I continue to learn so much from colleagues across campus, and have witnessed strides within my department including the creation of a DEI committee, resources for students, faculty, and staff, and the initiation of broad curricular reform geared toward greater inclusivity. Since 2014, I have served on various departmental committees, including as the co-chair of Music's special talent committee in '20-'21.

Candidate Statement

In my role as the Diversity Liaison for the Department of Music, I am listening and learning how important it is for all of us to do the work to create a greater sense of access and inclusivity across our campus. If elected to the Administrative Board of the Library, I would advocate for this broadly. Our libraries represent some of our very best core values, including the opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to work in person with primary sources. The more diverse and inclusive our collections can become, the more we begin to at least strive toward the standards we espouse in our institutional ideals. In 2014, when I interviewed for my current position at UNC, my tour of the Music Library left me hoping dearly that I would be offered a job here. I would be honored and excited to advocate on behalf of the Library we all value.

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