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2021 Faculty Election

Leisha DeHart-Davis

Running for: Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee, Professional Schools (Other Than Medicine)
  • Distinguished Term Coates Professor of Public Administration and Government
  • School of Government
  • Appointed: 2012
  • PhD in Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000
UNC Service

2017-2018, Member, Carolina Women’s Center Advisory Board
2015-2018, Member, Community and Diversity Committee

Candidate Statement

I am running for the promotion and tenure committee because of my commitment to processes that are fair, transparent, and consistent. One of my areas of research has been related to effective processes, and what it takes for them to be perceived as legitimate and procedurally fair. I also write about six evaluation letters a year for promotion and tenure cases in my field, giving me a good sense of the range of productivity and talent that P&T evaluators face. I hope to bring this expertise and experience to the promotion and tenure committee.

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