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2021 Faculty Election

Kyle Burger

Running for: Faculty Grievance Committee, Associate Professor/Associate Librarian
  • Associate Professor
  • Nutrition, Gillings School of Global Public Health and School of Medicine
  • Appointed: 2013
  • Ph.D., Colorado State University/University of Colorado-Denver, 2009
UNC Service

• School of Public Health Academic Program Committee (member; 1 year)
• Department of Nutrition Faculty Advancement Committee (member; 3 years)
• Department of Nutrition Development Committee (member; 3 years)
• Department of Nutrition Curriculum committee (member; 2 years)
• Faculty Information Technology Advisory Committee (member; 7 years)
• Gillings School of Public Health Comprehensive Exam (administrator; 1 year)

Candidate Statement

Well before my employment at UNC I was aware of its stellar reputation. During my time here I have engaged heavily at department and school level service with the ultimate vision to maintain and advance that reputation as a leading university in the country. Leveraging these experiences, it would be a great pleasure to serve on the Faculty Grievance Committee. My vision as a board member is to actively promote mutually beneficial, fair solutions to faculty grievances should they arise playing particular attention to eliminating the influence of any bias and/or discrimination. As a board member, I will ensure all information will be presented and understood in every case with full transparency. Each faculty member of UNC is critical to its success, as a member of the Faculty Grievance Committee, I actively work to maintain a fair, unbiased workplace to best perpetuate all successes.

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