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2022 Faculty Election

David Berkoff

Running for: Faculty Athletics Committee
  • Professor
  • Orthopaedics
  • Appointed: 2011
  • MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine 1997
UNC Service

Since joining the faculty I have continued to be active in my service to my department, the SOM, and the University. I am currently the Division Chief for Non-operative sports and musculoskeletal medicine and the Vice Chair of Clinical Operations for Orthopaedics. In the SOM I was a member of, then chair of, the fixed term APT committee and lead a committee on faculty well being. I also participated on the imaging decision support committee and am currently a member of the University's Fixed Term Faculty committee, where we address issues for FTF across the UNC system. Lastly, I am currently serving as a member of the faculty council.

Candidate Statement

I have had the pleasure of being a participant on multiple committees and have served in various leadership roles during my 10+ yrs at UNC. My role within Orthopaedics keeps me involved with UNC athletics as a provider and I believe gives me perspective as a valued contributing member of the faculty athletics committee. The committee is charged to represent and inform on issues related to the athletes, academics, and the conduct and experience of the athletic program. I hope I could provide a strong voice and perspective on many of these issues calling on my experience mentoring students, my history as a leader as vice chair in the department and from my experience on various committees across the institution. I will work to support the initiatives related to academic and mental health support, NIL and continued faculty engagement.

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