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2020 Faculty Election

Adriana Beltran

Running for: Division 13. School of Medicine: Faculty Council, Nontenured
  • Assistant Professor
  • Pharmacology
  • Appointed: 2009
  • PhD, CICESE Research Institute at Ensenada, Mexico, 2007
UNC Service

I have served Carolina as member of the faculty council during six years. During this time, I had the privilege to witness significant changes impacting people’s life. As a faculty council member, I had the opportunity to formulate policy in all aspects pertaining the academic function, and advocate for higher academic quality, as well as serve as a representative body between Carolina faculty members and my own department. I am committed to maintain high academic standards with rigor and integrity, and to support approaches to increase and improve interdisciplinary groups.

Candidate Statement

It is an honor to be nominated as candidate for Faculty council. I have been at UNC for fifteen years, first as a Postdoctoral Scholar and then as an Assistant Professor. During this time, I have seen diverse ways an institution can impact people’s life and the way they do science. I hope to bring to the Faculty council my experiences and expertise. I wish to contribute to make better decisions that positively impact not only the quality of the science we do at UNC but also the life of the scientist and students that make it possible. Now is the time to unify voices and help advance and enhance conversations to endorse initiatives that will make life and work at Carolina an unforgivable life-time experience. It is a privilege to work, serve and support the growth of our outstanding institution.

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