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2020 Faculty Election

Deb Aikat

Running for: Honorary Degrees and Special Awards Committee
  • Associate Professor
  • Hussman School of Journalism and Media
  • Appointed: 1995
  • PhD, Journalism and Media, Ohio University, 1995
  • Candidate Website
UNC Service

As a Carolina faculty for 25 years, I have experienced the joys, trials and tribulations of academic life.
* Elected (2019-22) to Faculty Executive Committee
* Elected (2018-21) to Faculty Hearings Committee
* Tar Heel Bus Tour, 2019
* Faculty Council member since 2014
* Tenured Faculty Delegate (2014-16), Hussman School
* Fixed-Term Faculty Committee (2014-15)
* UNC Honor Court’s Faculty Hearings Board Panel, since 2014
Motivated by collegial collaboration, I cherish working with colleagues from diverse disciplines at Carolina. I commend our Faculty Council for fostering shared governance at the heart of Carolina’s mission.

Candidate Statement

Like you, I have been deeply moved by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has ratified my resolve to inspire excellence among Carolina’s dedicated faculty, talented students, and loyal alumni.
In the post-pandemic phase, let us focus on three goals:
* Uphold our commitment to equity and integrity
* Pursue excellence, accountability and transparency
* Sustain the Tar Heel spirit and joie de vivre.
Journalist Charles Kuralt famously signified Carolina as the “University of the People.” Carolina’s role as the University of the People has often been questioned in controversial issues like Silent Sam, race and gender pay gaps. Despite such controversies, the Carolina spirit has endured.
This is my 25th year as a journalism & media faculty in Carolina. I am privileged to have among the best preparation possible to serve on this important committee.

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