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Office suite and conference room

The Office of Faculty Governance is located in rooms 200-204 on the second floor of Student Affairs Building (SAB), a turn-of-the-twentieth century structure located near the Old Well and the heart of the original UNC campus.

Our suite includes office space for the Chair of the Faculty, Secretary of the Faculty and office administrative staff.

Reserve Room 200B

We have a small conference room (200B Student Affairs Building) that is available by request for the use of any faculty governance-related committee. The 12 x 18 room seats 10-12* people and includes wireless internet and several projection screens that can be used either with our in-house computer or with a presenter’s laptop. We have the capability to Skype, Zoom or organize a Google Hangout with our video camera and can accommodate call-in participants via the conference room speakerphone.

Since there is no elevator in our building, it is not an optimal choice for people with mobility issues.

*Please note: Under current restrictions due to COVID-19, the conference room’s maximum capacity is 4 people.


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