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Meeting of the General Faculty and Faculty Council

Friday, September 5th, 2003, 3:00 p.m.

(Please note that Orientation for New Members of the Faculty Council begins at 2:30.)

The Auditorium in Murphey Hall (Room 116)

Chancellor James Moeser and Professor Judith Wegner, Chair of the Faculty, will preside.


2:30 I. Orientation and Reception for New Members (All welcome)

3:00 II. Faculty Council Convenes (Professor Joseph Ferrell, Professor Judith Wegner)

  1. Opening Remarks and Presentation of Hettleman Awards (Chancellor James Moeser)
  2. Welcome (Provost Robert Shelton)
  3. Remarks from Student Leaders
  • Student Body President Matt Tepper
  • Graduate and Professional Student Federation President Dan Herman

3:30 III. Discussion by Faculty Council

  1. Preliminary remarks (Professor Wegner)
  2. Observations and questions from Council members:
    1. What are the key issues facing our colleagues in the coming year?
  3. Further comments and responses (Chancellor Moeser and Provost Shelton)
  4. Information on Honor System reform and Honor and Integrity Initiative (Professor Wegner)
  5. Report of Interim Actions of the Executive Committee (Professor Ferrell)

4:00 IV. Faculty Forum:  Panel and Discussion on Athletics:  What’s ahead?

  • Professor Lissa Broome, Chair, Faculty Athletics Committee
  • Chancellor James Moeser
  • Professor Jack Evans, faculty representative to NCAA and ACC
  • Athletics Director Dick Baddour

5:00 V.  Adjourn


Joseph S. Ferrell
Secretary of the Faculty


Background reading on athletics at UNC Chapel Hill (policies, information, academic support, admissions policies and more):


The General Faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill convened at2:30 the newly renovated auditorium of Murphey Hall.

The Secretary of the Faculty, Professor Joseph S. Ferrell, conducted an orientation session for new members.

The Faculty Council convened at 3:00 p.m.The following 69 members were in attendance: Adimora, Bachenheimer, Bane, Bouldin, Bowen, Cairns, Colindres, Conover, Daye, de Silva, Elter, Elvers, Foley, Gerber, Givre, Goldstein, Gollop, Granger, Hammond, Heenan, Howell, Kjervik, Klebanow, Kramer, Langbauer, Leigh, Leonard, Malizia, Martin, McGraw, Mesibov, Miguel, Miller, Morris-Natschke, Muller, Nicholas, Nonini, Orthner, Owen, Perrin, Pisano, Pittman, Poole, Renner, Retsch-Bogart, Rippe, Rock, Rogers, Rowan, Sawin, Schauer, Simpson, Jay Smith, John Smith, Straughan, Strauss, Tobin, Toews, Tresolini, Tulloch, Vandermeer, Vick, Wallace, Waters, Weinberg, Willis, Wilson, Wolford, Yopp. The following 16 members were granted excused absences: Ammerman, Fishell, Gulledge, Holditch-Davis, Holmgren, Kagarise, Lin, Lohr, Molina, Pardun, Parikh,Porto, Reisner, Shea, Sigurdsson, Yankaskas. The following three members were absent without prior excuse: Anton, Frampton, Miller.

In his remarks, Chancellor Moeser

  • Commented on the successful renovation of Murphey Hall; and
  • Called attention to a recent announcement by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services that UNC-Chapel Hill will join the Southeast Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Disease, which will be financed by NIH and the Department of Homeland Security. Other participants include Duke University,Emory University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the University of Florida, and Vanderbilt University.

Chancellor Moeser announced the recipients of the 2003 Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prize for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement by Young Faculty. They are: Kathryn J. Burns, Associate Professor of History; Robert J. Duronio, Associate Professor of Biology; Dimitri V. Khveshchenko, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and Edward C. Norton, Associate Professor of Health Policy and Administration.

In his remarks, Provost Robert Shelton

  • Noted that in the current fiscal year the University budget has been cut by $23.7 million, partially offset by a $10.6 additional funding due to enrollment increases; the necessary budget reductions were distributed in a differential manner with policy advice from the University Priorities and Budget Advisory Committee;
  • Reported that the Academic Plan has been completed and approved by the Board of Trustees and can be found on the Office of the Provost website;
  • Announced that the newly created Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure began its work in July and that in addition to its principal assignment, the committee will be examining the practice of making tenure-track faculty appointments subject to continued availability of funds;
  • Noted that the Chair of the Board of Governors has indicated that the Board this year will be taking up three items of special interest to Carolina: (1) the shortage of teachers and nurses in North Carolina, (2) the 18% cap on out-of-state freshman enrollment, and (3) formula used to allocate State appropriations among the 16 institutions, which is perceived to be disadvantageous to five of the institutions (not including Carolina); and
  • Announced the appointment of Robert Blouin as Dean of the School of Pharmacy(7/1/03), Steve Jones as Dean of the Kenan-Flagler Business School(8/1/03), and Thomas James as Dean of the School of Education(11/1/03).

The Secretary of the Faculty inducted into office the newly elected Chair of the Faculty, Professor Judith Welch Wegner, by presenting to her the Council’s gavel which is fabricated from wood believed to be part of the original structure of Old East.

Professor Wegner introduced Mr. Matthew S. Tepper, Class of 2004, President of the Student Body, who brought greetings to the Council.

Professor Wegner introduced Mr. Daniel C. Herman, President of the Graduate and Professional Students Association, who brought greetings to the Council.

Professor Wegner initiated a discussion to identify the key issues that will face the faculty in the coming year.

Professor Lissa Broome (Law), Chair of the Faculty Athletics Committee, Professor Jack Evans (Business), Faculty Athletic Representative, Chancellor James Moeser, and Director of Athletics Richard Baddour presented a panel discussion on intercollegiate athletics.

Pursuant to Sec. 2-10(d)(2) of the Faculty Code, the Secretary of the Faculty reported that the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council adopted the following resolution on June 23, 2003, subject to confirmation by the Faculty Council at its next regular meeting:

Resolution 2003-10. On Selection of the Voting Delegate to the Atlantic Coast Conference

Whereas the by-laws of the Atlantic Coast Conference provide that each member institution’s faculty representative is appointed by the institution’s president or chancellor pursuant to such processes as may be provided by that institution; now therefore it is

Resolved by The Executive Committee of the Faculty Council, acting on behalf of the Faculty Council pursuant to Sec. 2-10(e)4. of the Faculty Code of University Government, that the Committee on University Government is requested to prepare for consideration by the General Faculty an amendment to the Faculty Code providing for an effective means of faculty input into the selection of our faculty representative to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Without objection, the Council confirmed the resolution.

Its business having concluded, the Council adjourned at5:15 pm.

Joseph S. Ferrell
Secretary of the Faculty

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