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Minutes of the General Faculty and the Faculty Council

March 21, 1997, 3:00 P.M.


Present (49): J. Anderson, Andrews, Bangdiwala, Beck, Beckman, Bluestein, Bose, Brice, Brown, Chambers, Conover, Dalton, Danis, Dodds, Evens, Farel, Fletcher, Foshee, Fox, Hattem, Hogue, Holmgren, Howard, Jackson, Johnstone, Lachiewicz, LeFebvre, Lentz, Leonard, Loda, Maffly-Kipp, L. McNeil, Mill, Owen, Passannante, Peacock, Pike, Platin, Rabinowitz, Rinehart, Rutledge, Salgado, Searles, Shea, Skelly, Stidham, Stuck, Tauchen, White, Williams.

Excused absences (23): Barefoot, Brink, Bromberg, Eckel, Estroff, Favorov, Gless, Hodges, Hyatt, Irene, Jenkins, Ji, Mandel, Matson, Mauriello, McNeil, Pagano, Panter, Pielak, Renner, Shapiro, Tysinger, Yankaskas.

Unexcused absences (10): C. Anderson, A. Bailey, L. Bailey, Bentley, Crimmins, Frankenberg, Herman, Rosenman, Strauss, Weber.

Memorial Resolution

Professor Maria Salgado [Romance Languages] presented a memorial resolution for the late Frank Marion Duffey, Professor Emeritus of Spanish and former Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Chancellors Remarks

Chancellor Hooker reported that Professor Jane Brown, Chair of the Faculty, was unwell and would be unable to attend this meeting. He asked Professor Joseph Ferrell, Secretary of the Faculty, to preside over the business session in Prof. Browns absence.

The Chancellor reported that the University recently topped the $200 million marks in research support.

Thirty faculty members have been selected for the bus tour of North Carolina. Demand far exceeded the number of available slots. Those chosen this year would have been ineligible next year, so many of those not selected will have another chance.

On the topic of our presence in Southeast Asia, the Chancellor reported that a decision has been made to focus our efforts in Thailand and not to pursue involvement in Indonesia.

Chancellor Hooker noted recent protests about the increase in parking fees. He is convinced that our parking problem cannot be solved by building more spaces on the central campus. The solution lies in parking garages at the Friday Center and other satellite locations coupled with convenient shuttle access to the central campus. He prefers a monorail system, but recognizes that it may be beyond our grasp at this time. An interim strategy may be mini-buses running on a frequent schedule. He is working with Mayor Rosemary Waldorf to address the problem.

Professor Carl Bose [Pediatrics] asked whether we are exploring satellite campuses in parts of the world other than Southeast Asia, specifically Latin America. Chancellor Hooker replied that the driving force behind involvement in Southeast Asia by many American universities, us included, is a burgeoning need there for MBA and other business-related programs that cannot be met by their existing resources. In Latin American there is both less of a demand and an older and mature university system that is better able to respond locally. Professor Pete Andrews [Environmental Sciences & Engineering] asked about cooperation with Duke. The Chancellor replied that he and President Keohane have agreed in principle to cooperate, but that each institution will be conducting its efforts in this area independently of the other.

Professor Paul Farel [Physiology], referring to the recent discharge of Professor Barry Nakell, asked the Chancellor to comment generally on the standards of conduct to which faculty will be expected to adhere. He noted that involvement in criminal activity by faculty and administrative staff has not always resulted in discharge. Chancellor Hooker replied that it would probably be impossible to codify a standard, but he declined to comment further at this juncture because he has been advised by counsel not to say anything that might be prejudicial to the ongoing appellate process in Professor Nakells case. He will be happy to discuss this topic with the faculty when that process has run its course.

Professor Ferrell posed several questions on behalf of Prof. Brown. First, he asked about the status of the search for a dean of the School of Education. Chancellor Hooker replied that he has recently renewed an offer to the candidate preferred by the search committee that was active last year. He has not yet decided what action to take if that offer is declined.

Prof. Ferrell next asked the Chancellor to comment on the reporting relationship of the newly appointed dean of the School of Medicine. The Chancellor replied that the title of the new position is dean of medicine and vice chancellor for medical affairs. As vice chancellor, the new dean will be senior counselor to the chancellor in matters pertaining to patient care and will be the chancellors primary liaison to the University Hospitals. Otherwise, the appointment entails no change in other reporting relationships and does not alter the reporting relationships or duties of the provost or the vice provost for health affairs insofar as the School of Medicine is concerned.

Prof. Ferrell asked for clarification of the duties of the recently appointed enrollment manager. Chancellor Hooker replied that the primary duties of the new position are to (1) manage enrollment changes and (2) work toward enrollment stability. In the latter area, the goal is to reduce student attrition by developing strategies to identify students at risk and to provide remediation. He noted that UNC-CH is being asked to do our part in absorbing more community college transfer students. We need a strategic plan in this regard. We are also looking at developing an evening college program in response to enrollment growth because we lack the facilities to absorb more day students. Finally, we expect there will be great demand for Internet based courses as we begin to roll them out. We need someone in charge of managing enrollment in that area.

Finally, Prof. Ferrell asked what the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees are doing to repair relationships with the Town of Chapel Hill that have been strained by recent decisions to build a connector road at the Smith Center and to permit jets to land at Horace Williams Airport. Chancellor Hooker replied that he is in close contact with Mayor Waldorf, and he does not think their personal relationship has changed as result of recent events. He continues to believe that UNC and Town must work closely together, and he will continue to do so in good faith. As concerns, the connector road, it has not been widely reported that the University informed the Town that we were requesting that project. He was as surprised as everyone else when it suddenly rose to the top of the Board of Transportations list, so he understands the Towns surprise.

Prof. Steve Bachenheimer [Microbiology] said that he has found the stated rationale for allowing jets to land at the airport to be rather weak. His home is in the area and he has noted increased air traffic shortly after the end of games at the Smith Center. The Chancellor replied that President Spanglers policy is that all airport traffic must be related to official University business. We currently have no procedures for monitoring compliance with that policy, but we are working on it.

Chair of the Facultys Remarks

Professor Ferrell, on behalf of Prof. Brown and the entire Council, presented to Margaret Baucom a proclamation honoring her on the occasion of her retirement. Ms. Baucom was long-time editor of the University Gazette, a founder of the Employee Forum, and the Forums second chair.

The Committee on Honorary Degrees and Special Awards will soon hold a special meeting to discuss issues and concerns raised at the February Council meeting about procedures for recommending candidates to the Board of Trustees for award of honorary degrees


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