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[Entire article revised March 23, 2007 ]

§ 10-1. The Summer School

The Summer School in a curricular sense is the third term of the University’s academic program. The Summer School has a special budget.

§ 10-2. Dean and Administrative Board of the Summer School

The Summer School is administered by a dean and an administrative board. The dean and the board are authorized to select and appoint the Summer School staff, allocate funds, and determine educational policies. The Administrative Board of the Summer School is composed of the dean, as chair, the director of continuing education; the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; two deans or their representatives from the professional schools in Academic Affairs, who serve three-year terms; and at least four at-large members. The at-large members are appointed by the chancellor, and are selected so that the Divisions of Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences are represented.

§ 10-3. Salary Payments for Summer School Instructional Services

In the calculation of salary payments for Summer School instructional services, the scale should be equivalent to that in effect during the regular session.

§ 10-4. Summer School Standards of Instruction and Teaching Load.

The standards of instruction and teaching load for Summer School should be equal to those observed in the regular session.

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