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Faculty-Wide Elections

Position Elected Alternates
Advisory Committee Jan Boxill Myron Cohen
Beverly Taylor Arthur Champagne
Brice Cairns Patrick Akos
APT: Arts & Sciences Larry Benninger Toni Kalam
John Nadas
APT: Medical School Jan Busby-Whitehead John Thorp
APT: Other Prof. Schools Rebecca Wilder Richard Whisnant
Jill Fitzgerald Douglas Shackelford
Athletics Joy Renner Napoleon Byras
Glynis Cowell
Eileen Parsons
Educational Policy Julie Justice Zahra Kamarei
Jay Smith Li-Ling Hsiao
Michael Salemi Alfred J. Sosa-Velasci
Faculty Assembly Deborah Eaker-Rich George Sheldon
Steven Bachenheimer
Faculty Executive Committee Joanne Earp Douglas Kelly
Jean DeSaix Anthony Passannante
Shielda Rodgers Andrew Reynolds
Michael Gerhardt
Faculty Grievance: Prof. Victor Flatt  Thomas Egan
Ceib Phillips
Faculty Grievance: Assoc. Prof. Jill Moore  Michael Jarstfer
Harriet Able
Faculty Grievance: Asst. Prof. Lauren Leve  Christoper McLaughlin
Vijay Krishna
Faculty Hearings Melissa Saunders  Scott Kirsch
Joanne Hershfield  Hassan Melehy
Fin. Exigency: Academic Affairs Bobbi Owen  John Akin
Cecil Wooten
Fin. Exigency: Health Affairs Ross Simpson  Harold Kohn
Cam Patterson
Honorary Degrees Alice Ammerman  Kathleen Harris
Lloyd Kramer  Bill Balthrop
Werner Riess

Apportioned Elections

(Only voters with primary appointments in the appropriate division vote for candidates representing that division)

Position Elected Alternate(s)
Chair, Div. of the Humanities James Rives Douglas Maclean
Vice Chair, Div. of the Humanities Allan Life Misha Becker
Chair, Div. of the Natural Sciences Jonathan Lees Regina Carelli
Vice Chair, Div. of the Natural Sciences Jedd Sekelsky Jeffrey Johnson
Admin. Board of the Library: University Libraries Philip Vandermeer
Council: Humanities, Tenured Kathryn Starkey Alan Nelson
Jonathan Hess Douglas Maclean
Council: Humanities, Non-Tenured Margaret O’Shaughnessey Alfredo J. Sosa-Velasco
Council: Natural Sciences, Tenured Gregory Copenhaver Jose Rial
Kevin Stewart Bonita Marks
Council: Social Sciences, Tenured Vin Steponaitis Sergio Parreiras
Kyle Crowder Fatimah Jackson
Michael Shanahan
Council: Social Sciences, Non-Tenured Rita Balaban Vijay Krishna
Council: Libraries Susan Swogger Julie Kimbrough
Council: Kenan-Flagler Business, Tenured Wendell Gilland
Council: Kenan-Flagler Business, Non-Tenured Paul Friga
Council: Journalism & Mass Communication Thomas Linden
Council: Social Work, Tenured & Non-Tenured Joelle Powers
Mimi Chapman
Council: Medicine, Tenured Myron Cohen Nancy Thomas
Kay Lund Steven Bachenheimer
Jance Brice Richard Segal
Virginia Miller George Sheldon
John Thorp
Council: Medicine, Non-Tenured Joy Renner Christopher Olcott
Caterina Gallippi
Susan Sunnaborg
Tracy Heenan
Arrel Toews
Ronald Chen
Council: Denistry, Tenured Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque Valerie Murrah
Council: Dentistry, Non-Tenured Michael Milano Janet Southerland
Charlotte Peterson
Council: Nursing, Tenured Mary Palmer Pamela Johnson Rowsey
Council: Nursing, Non-Tenured Deborah Mayer Eric Hodges
Megan Williams
Janna Dieckmann
Diane Yorke
Council: Public Health, Tenured Victor Schoenback Ivan Rusyn
Council: Public Health, Non-Tenured Beth Moracco Claudia Fernandez

Voter Participation by Electoral Division

Division Number Who Voted Percent of Total Voters
Fine Arts 23 2.8
Humanities 97 11.6
Information & Library Science 7 .8
Kenan-Flagler Business School 16 1.9
Libraries 54 6.5
Natural Sciences 95 11.4
School of Dentistry 35 4.2
School of Education 26 3.1
School of Government 26 3.1
School of Journalism 16 1.9
School of Law 22 2.6
School of Medicine 220 26.4
School of Nursing 45 5.4
School of Pharmacy 21 2.5
School of Public Health 42 5.0
School of Social Work 13 1.6
Social Sciences 75 9.0
Total 883 100.0

Comparative Turnout Data Prior Years

Year Number Eligible Number Voted Percent Response
2004 2,895 683 23.6
2005 2,897 683 23.6
2006 3,062 676 22.3
2007 2,814 395 14.0
2008 3,428 800 23.0
2009 3,545 925 26.1


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