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Dear Colleagues:

With sadness, I write to let you know about the passing of Judith W. Wegner, Professor Emerita of Law, and former Dean of the School of Law, Chair of the Faculty Assembly, and Chair of the Faculty. At her final Faculty Council meeting as Chair, then-Chancellor James Moeser paid high tribute to Prof. Wegner saying that effective leadership of the faculty is one of the things that create great faculty engagement and involvement in any university. He described Prof. Wegner as an adviser who always spoke the unvarnished truth, sometimes giving advice that he didn’t want to hear, but always speaking with grace in a gentle, polite way. He observed that his many conversations with Prof. Wegner always led to constructive results.

As Chair of the Faculty from 2003-2006, Prof. Wegner was particularly concerned with the well-being of fixed term faculty. The earliest version of the Committee on Fixed-Term faculty was formed under her leadership as a Faculty Council Committee on Fixed-Term Faculty. She was also deeply committed to academic freedom, faculty retention, and to graduate student well-being and appreciation.

As a faculty member and law school dean, Judith Wegner’s scholarly and administrative accomplishments are numerous. Many are detailed in her obituary that can be found at this link. We mourn this trusted colleague and celebrate all that she gave to Carolina.

With thanksgiving for a life well lived,

Mimi V. Chapman, MSW, PhD
Chair of the Faculty
Frank A. Daniels Distinguished Professor for Human Service Policy Information
Associate Dean for Doctoral Education
School of Social Work

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