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On Lloyd Kramer’s final day as Chair of the Faculty, he sent a farewell message.

Dear Faculty Colleagues:

We’re all living through complicated transitions and upheavals, so I’m pleased to report on a much simpler transition in the leadership of Faculty Governance. Today marks the end of my term as Chair of the Faculty; and our new Faculty Chair, Mimi Chapman, is well-prepared to launch her three-year term tomorrow morning.

Mimi has been a UNC faculty member since 2001 in the School of Social Work, where she’s the Frank A. Daniels Distinguished Professor for Human Services Policy Information. She has wide experience in faculty governance, and she’s been constantly involved in faculty-administrative discussions since becoming chair-elect in April.  She also played a key role in developing and interpreting the Faculty Executive Committee’s recent survey of faculty views on the fall return to campus teaching. I’m therefore certain that Mimi will be an outstanding leader of the faculty.

It’s been an honor to serve as Chair of the Faculty Council and to represent our diverse faculty at public events, University meetings, and Zoom conversations. I’ve worked with many talented faculty colleagues, staff members, administrative leaders, and students–and all of these interactions have deepened my appreciation for the exceptional knowledge, skills, and commitments that sustain our University community.

We’ve faced major, unexpected challenges during this tumultuous year, and new challenges will continue to develop in the coming months. We’re a community of resilient, determined, and caring people, however, so I’m certain that our University will find creative ways to flourish in the future as it has in the past.

I especially want to thank our colleagues who served this year on the Faculty Council and on the 28 faculty committees that do essential work for all of us at this outstanding public university.  Some of these colleagues are also rotating off of faculty committees today, but others will bring new insights and ideas as they replace those who have completed their terms.

Finally, I thank the extraordinary staff at the Office of Faculty Governance—Helena Knego, Lisa-Jean Michienzi, and Kadejah Murray—for their wise and assiduous work throughout this past year.  Like every unit or department on our campus, the Office of Faculty Governance depends on efficient, hardworking staff colleagues who manage complex operations and respond to unanticipated problems.

I also want to stress my appreciation for the Secretary of the Faculty, Vin Steponaitis, whose endless work, deep knowledge of our Faculty Code of University Government, and firm commitment to shared governance serve the University (almost invisibly) during every day and every evolving situation.

I’ve learned from everyone this year—from the Chancellor and Board of Trustees to our most recently arrived undergraduate students—and I remain optimistic about the future of our University, even during these strange, disorienting times.

With best wishes and appreciation to all,

Lloyd Kramer
Professor of History
Director, Carolina Public Humanities
Chair of the Faculty, 2019-20
UNC-Chapel Hill

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