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The 2020 UNC-CH Faculty Election is being held April 7-14. Please visit the Voter Guide for information about the candidates and what seats are open this year.

All members of the voting faculty were emailed a ballot on Apr 7.

Vote for Faculty ChairEvery three years, faculty vote for the next Chair of the Faculty to succeed Lloyd Kramer. This year’s candidates are Mimi Chapman (Social Work) and Joy Renner (Medicine). Both candidates spoke at the March Faculty Council meeting [HTML]. In addition, The Well interviewed both of them:

Vote on resolution
For the first time, this ballot also includes a vote on a resolution to amend The Faculty Code of University Government.

The Code was amended by the faculty last year to require that any future amendments to it must be passed on two separate readings: the first in a meeting of Faculty Council or the General Faculty, and the second by electronic ballot sent to all members of the voting faculty.

Faculty will be asked to vote on Resolution 2020-1. On Amending The Faculty Code of University Government to Clarify the Advisory Committee’s Charge [PDF], was unanimously approved by the Faculty Council on its first reading on January 17, 2020. In order to be enacted, it must now pass this second vote of the entire voting faculty.

This resolution modifies Article IV, Section 5 of The Code to update and clarify the charge of the Advisory Committee (also sometimes called the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee). It entails no major changes in this committee’s duties.

The Committee on University Government strongly recommends that the resolution be adopted. The Committee’s detailed rationale can be found here [PDF].

Vote for committee representation
All faculty can vote on the 33 open seats on a variety of standing committees of the faculty, including the Appointments, Promotions and Tenure Committee, the Faculty Athletics Committee and the General Education Oversight Committee.

Vote for your school’s representation on the Faculty Council
The following divisions of the College and the professional schools have open seats on the Faculty Council: Fine Arts (A&S), Natural Sciences and Mathematics (A&S), University Libraries, Journalism and Media, Law, Government, Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health and Retired Faculty.

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