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On October 22, the following message was sent to all faculty encouraging them to nominate candidates for this important faculty position. 

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

In the spring of 2020 we will elect a new Chair of the Faculty to succeed current chair Lloyd Kramer.  According to the Faculty Code of University Government, the Advisory Committee must select at least two members of the faculty willing to stand for election to this important leadership position.

As Advisory Committee chair, I invite you to nominate yourself or another faculty member to be considered as a candidate for Chair of the Faculty.  To ensure full consideration by the committee, nominations must be submitted by midnight on Thursday, November 14, 2019.


Any member of the voting Faculty (as defined by Article 1 of the Faculty Code) is eligible to serve as Chair of the Faculty.  The Chair we will elect will begin a three year term of office on July 1, 2020.  Article 3 of the Faculty Code describes the duties of this office.  The Chair provides faculty leadership, sits on faculty and administrative committees, convenes and presides at meetings of the Faculty Executive Committee, and serves as chair pro tempore of the Faculty Council. Additionally, the Chair represents the faculty at important university events, including convocations and commencements. The Faculty Chair position requires a significant time commitment for which work-related arrangements and support are negotiated with the person’s departmental or unit chair and Dean as well as the Provost. Past Chairs of the Faculty are listed here.

The Advisory Committee seeks to identify a diverse and broadly representative pool of qualified, interested nominees. We urge you to join us in the effort to solicit and nominate candidates. Please consider individuals with significant leadership experience who can effectively communicate faculty values and perspectives, know this campus well, and (ideally) have an understanding of the larger policy issues we currently face. The position of Faculty Chair provides important opportunities to represent the interests and concerns of the faculty and also to articulate a vision for the future of our university. Nominees should have reached a phase in their Carolina careers that will enable them to commit the time and attention that this leadership position requires.

Nominating yourself or a colleague does not commit anyone to stand for election. The Advisory Committee will contact potential candidates and select the final slate.

If you have questions about the Chair of the Faculty position, please email me at, or contact Vin Steponaitis, Secretary of the Faculty at 919-962-7609 or

Sincerely yours,

Suzanne A. Gulledge
Chair, Advisory Committee
Professor, School of Education

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