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Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Faculty gather at the Old Well on University Day. Photo: Dan Sears/UNC-Chapel Hill

I invite all of you to join me at University Day this Friday, October 12, 2018.

All members of the University community are invited to attend the celebration commemorating the laying of the cornerstone of Old East that marks the official founding of the University 225 years ago. It is a rare chance for all of us to gather for a few hours.

We will have the opportunity to celebrate Bland Simpson, Kenan Distinguished Professor of English and Creative Writing, who will be honored with the 2018 Edward Kidder Graham Faculty Service Award, which recognizes distinguished service to the state, the nation, and the University by a faculty member.

Distinguished Alumna and Alumnus Awards are also presented at this event. This year’s recipients are Donald A. Baer, B.A. 1976; Robert L. Bryant, Ph.D. 1979; Vaughn D. Bryson, B.S. 1960; Peter B. Henry, B.A. 1991; and Tift Merritt.

Please encourage your faculty colleagues to march in the faculty procession. Faculty will gather at the Old Well beginning at 9:30 a.m. Each school will be represented with a banner that faculty and staff will process behind on our way to Memorial Hall.

Academic regalia is not required. If you don’t have regalia, but choose to wear it, it can be rented or purchased through the UNC Student Stores by sending an email to

Please notify the Office of University Events ( or 919-962-2821) regarding your participation. Additional information can be found on the web at

This year, the Office of Faculty Governance is serving coffee and pastries at the Old Well (or, in case of rain, in the Anne Queen Lounge at the Campus Y) before the procession. I hope to see you there.



Leslie V. Parise
Chair of the Faculty
Professor and Chair, Biochemistry and Biophysics

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