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September 5, 2018

Dear UNC Faculty Colleagues,

As I hope you’ve heard, UNC now has the opportunity to formulate a plan for the “disposition and preservation” of the Confederate monument that was previously on our doorstep. If you have not yet read the Chancellor’s statement from August 31, I strongly encourage you to do so. Not only faculty, but also students, staff, alumni and community members are eager to contribute their ideas, and a process for doing so is being developed. It is especially important that those who feel most aggrieved are heard. I encourage faculty to get involved by attending the Faculty Council meeting on September 14, and other upcoming events. As Chair of the Faculty, I am committed to working with all of you to achieve a solution that reflects our aspirations and values as a leading, global public university committed to light and liberty.


Leslie V. Parise
Chair of the Faculty

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