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Chair of the Faculty Bruce Cairns has shared the response he received last night to Faculty Council Resolution 2016-4 (“On Supporting and Sustaining LGBTQ Academic Initiatives”) from new UNC system President Margaret Spellings and Interim President Junius Gonzales.

Below you will find Prof. Cairns’s reply to President Spellings and Interim President Gonzales, sent via email this morning (March 1, 2016):

Dear President Spellings (Margaret) and Interim President (Junius) Gonzales:

On behalf of the general faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill, thank you for your thoughtful and timely response to Resolution 2016-4. On Supporting and Sustaining LGBTQ Academic Initiatives  that was passed unanimously by the UNC-CH Faculty Council on February 19, 2016.

We greatly appreciate the reaffirmation of the core principles of our University, particularly as they relate to the issues addressed in our resolution.

Thank you also for reiterating the need for us to continue to work with Chancellor Folt and Provost Dean in order to properly address LGBTQ academic initiatives at UNC-CH.

I will forward your response to my faculty colleagues and keep the institutional leadership informed of any new developments.

Thank you and once again, President Spellings-on behalf of the faculty at UNC-CH-welcome to UNC! And of course, I can’t resist-GO HEELS!


Bruce Cairns

Bruce A. Cairns, MD

Chair of the Faculty, UNC- Chapel Hill
John Stackhouse Distinguished Professor of Surgery/ Microbiology and Immunology

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