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The Faculty Athletics Committee (FAC ) has been monitoring the release of student record information and has expressed previous concerns regarding the potential for protected information being utilized and reported inappropriately.   It is the University’s responsibility to uphold legal and ethical safeguards for all of our students and their privacy. 


The Committee is aware of a Twitter Communication (tweet) released on April 6, 2014 which publicly refers to specific academic information regarding specific students who are identifiable by the language in the tweet.   Protected information is not within the right of any University employee to make public unless authorized by the students.

The FAC calls on all UNC employees to maintain the integrity of student records and to refrain from demeaning student academic performance through selective, unauthorized release of protected information.   The work of many elected and appointed groups of faculty includes reviewing student information and monitoring ongoing changes that will strengthen the academic experience for all students and specifically for  students participating in our sports programs.  We have accepted the broader issue related to past academic integrity problems.  This monitoring and investigating indicates the commitment to making it right, but these activities should not happen at the expense of students.  Upholding student privacy is a principle our Committee takes seriously.

We call on the University to investigate this and any situation where possible student privacy violations of University policy and guidelines may exist.

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