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We write to invite you to become involved as faculty leaders in campuswide faculty governance by responding to the annual faculty governance interest survey. As you know, the past several years have been trying times for the university. At present, we have many new faces at all levels of top administration, and ongoing challenges on many fronts. Faculty engagement and leadership during this time are critical. If you have wanted to serve, and to make your voice heard, now is your opportunity. 

Full information about how the survey results are used is below; however, if you are already familiar with the process, here’s the survey link for quick reference. This should take no more than about ten minutes to complete. The deadline to respond is midnight, Wednesday, February 5, 2014. 

Click Here to Take the Faculty Governance Interest Survey

More on how the election & appointment process works:

Each year the Faculty Nominating Committee, constituted by the Faculty Code of University Government, identifies members of the faculty who are willing to undertake service to the University as members of the Faculty Council or of elected or appointed faculty-wide standing committees. The faculty elections will take place in April, while members of appointed committees will be named in early summer. All offices will begin three-year terms on July 1, 2014.

In identifying as many as 150 faculty members willing to serve in various roles, the Nominating Committee relies heavily upon the results of the interest survey. For you, the survey is simply a first step in indicating your willingness to be nominated, if asked, for a three-year term on one or more committees in which you have expressed an interest. The survey contains a brief overview of the work of each office and the time commitment involved.

Please note that by answering this survey, you are not committing to anything, but simply expressing interest. Our office will be in touch with you directly before putting your name forward for a specific position.

Past Chairs of the Faculty and committee members have noted that campus-wide service gives a welcome opportunity to meet people in different areas and broaden one’s understanding of how the university works. And having a wide variety of people engaged in faculty governance strengthens the faculty voice in decision-making here. We hope you will consider participating.

If you have any problems accessing the survey or have general questions about faculty governance, please call or email Anne Whisnant in the Office of Faculty Governance at 962-1671 or

Sincerely yours,

Jan Boxill
Chair of the Faculty
Director, Parr Center for Ethics
Master Lecturer, Department of Philosophy
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3125
Office Phone: 919-962-3317
Mobile Phone: 919-270-6815

Joseph S. Ferrell
Secretary of the Faculty

Anne Mitchell Whisnant, Ph.D.
Deputy Secretary of the Faculty
Office of Faculty Governance, UNC-Chapel Hill
919-962-1671 (office)


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