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The first day of classes seems like a good moment to post a snapshot of campuswide faculty governance activity at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Here are a few things you may not know:

Number of members of Faculty Council, 2013-14:  96

  • 79 are elected from the 18 university voting divisions; rest of the members are ex officio by virtue of being an officer of the faculty or a member of either the elected Faculty Executive Committee or Faculty Assembly delegation.

Number of Faculty Council meetings each year:  8

Number of years Faculty Council has been meeting: 63

Number of standing committees of the faculty:  24

  • Our committees are not subcommittees of the Faculty Council, but are freestanding committees of the faculty.  Eleven are elected, while the rest are appointed either by the chancellor or by the chair of the faculty.

Number of available positions on Faculty Council and the standing committees:  about 351

Number of unique individuals presently serving in these positions for 2013-14:  about 266

Number of voting-eligible faculty on the UNC-CH campus, spring 2013:  3665

Number of voting-eligible faculty who voted in the spring 2013 elections:  1605 (43.8% turnout)

Number of full-time staff in the Office of Faculty Governance:  2


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