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Job ID: #1995
Program: On-Campus
Category: General Office
Name of Department/Agency: OFFICE FACULTY GOVERNANCE
Name of Work Study Supervisor: Anne Whisnant
Office Address: 203 Carr Building
230 E. Cameron Avenue
Campus Box Number: 9170
Telephone Number: 919-962-1671

Work Study Job Site: Carr Building 200B
Work Study Job Title: Office/Communications Assistant IV
Work Study Job Pay-Level: S4 – $11.80 to $13.55

Job Availability
Fall and Spring, 2012-2013

Funding Source
State Supported

Job Description

Pay Level Requirements:

These positions require an individual who possesses substantial experience, advanced technical knowledge, and previous training or certification. Must possess a high level of competency or fluency with a specialized skill. Student employee must readily demonstrate the use of independent judgment, decision-making ability, and may be expected to work responsibly with little or no direct supervision. Previous work experience at a lower level within the same department or functional area may be required. The student may be expected to manage research, analysis, publication, instruction, or other special projects or activities of significant scope.

  • Input content/update WordPress website
  • WordPress, CMS, web design experience req.
  • Scan historical documents for web archive
  • Create PDFs and other media for web archive
  • Experience with social media important
  • Research/write content for biweekly e-newsletter
  • Set up and manage mail-merge projects in Word
  • Assist with spring faculty elections
  • Attend Faculty Council meetings (1x/mo on Fridays)
  • Live-Tweet Faculty Council meetings
  • Attend some faculty committee meetings
  • Must be able to work independently
  • Meticulous attention to file naming and organizing

Additional Information About the Job

The Office of Faculty Governance provides administrative support for the Faculty Council, the Chair of the Faculty, the Secretary of the Faculty, and many of the committees of the General Faculty. These positions enable faculty members to participate in developing university policies on things like admissions, curriculum, tenure and promotion, academic planning, and other academic matters. The Office also conducts all faculty-wide elections each spring.

We’re a peaceful, quiet, small-office work environment in center of main campus. This position offers great potential to work with faculty from all over the campus and learn about faculty, university, and higher education policy issues, both present and past. Great for someone interested in higher education leadership, faculty development, and university history. Excellent technical skills and meticulous attention to detail are key, as a major duty is managing and incorporating historical/archival content into our WordPress website.

Days and Hours of Work

(Blank fields indicate days with no set hours.)


Monday: 08:30 AM/ 05:30 PM
Tuesday: 08:30 AM/05:30 PM
Wednesday: 08:30 AM/ 05:30 PM
Thursday: 08:30 AM/ 05:30 PM
Friday: 08:30 AM/ 05:30 PM

Total Number of Positions: 1

Number of Open Positions: 1

Maximum Hours Per Week Per Person: 16
Minimum Hours Acceptable Per Week Per Person: 6



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