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From Parking Services

Attention N3 & NG3 Permit Holders:

From Saturday, December 17 through Friday, December 30 (weather permitting), the western portion of Bynum Circle will be closed for a ductbank installation project. ALL parking spaces in the Bynum Circle (N3 Zone) will be closed to allow two-way traffic access to buildings and the NG3 lots. N3 permit holders displaced by this project may park in the Caldwell or Steele (NG3 Zone) Lots, and entry gates will be raised to those lots (see the map below). The two Zipcars usually parked in Bynum Circle will be located to the Old East Lot (N3 Zone) across Cameron Avenue.  For more information and to see a map of the impacted areas, visit the following link:


Traffic and vehicles without an N3 or NG3 parking permit are discouraged from entering the circle except to access the aforementioned Caldwell or Steele Lots. The project will involve excavations and heavy equipment so all are encouraged to use caution.


Call the Department of Public Safety at 962-3951 during normal business hours with other questions or concerns.


Thank You
UNC Public Safety

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