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Welcome to the completely redesigned website for the UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Faculty Governance!

Our new site, built on WordPress, offers the potential for much easier publication of new materials by all members of our staff and a more attractive and consistent interface across the site.  Future Chairs of the Faculty may blog here, and we be able to provide enhanced support for faculty committees through this site and links with the campus Sakai platform.  We hope you will find our new home welcoming and useful!

Please note that our digital archive of past materials related to faculty governance and the Faculty Council at UNC is vast.  Migrating those materials to the new site is going to take some additional time.  To help you locate some of those past materials in the meantime, we will keep an archive of our old site available until the migration is completed.

The Office of Faculty Governance has not been a leader in innovative web design, but we have tried to provide a functional space in which faculty and administrators can locate the materials they need.  Using the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine,” we have reconstructed a little timeline of Faculty Governance webpages that we thought you’d enjoy.  Click each picture to enlarge.

1999 UNC Faculty Governance website
2002 Faculty Governance website
2005 Faculty Governance website
2006-2010 Faculty Governance website
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